George De Beer


George de Beer established the law firm Honey Attorney’s shortly after gaining admission as an attorney.  Over the span of 30 years, the firm, now recognised as BDP Attorneys, has evolved into a leading legal practice in Cape Town’s Northern and South Suburbs; recently also expanded with a branch in George on the Garden Route.

George holds a distinguished Senior Director position at BDP Attorneys with remarkable expertise in litigation. His mastery encompasses various domains including Supreme Court litigation, family law, insolvency, debt collections, and constitutional law.

With an extensive and accomplished career, George exemplifies a deep understanding of legal intricacies, making him a sought-after authority in the realm of law.

George has extensive experience within various areas of law including:

  • Constitutional Law,
  • Insolvency Law,
  • and the Administration of Insolvent Estates
  • and Companies under Liquidation
  • and Judicial Management.

He offers a robust background in Supreme Court Litigation, covering a wide range of legal aspects:

  • Contract Law,
  • Commercial Litigation,
  • Family Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • Construction Law,
  • and Municipal Law.

Broad litigation expertise in commercial work, handling matters like the establishment of companies and close corporations:

  • sale of membership and shares,
  • partnership and voluntary associations,
  • section 21 companies,
  • trusts (family, investment, and business),
  • and banking law,
  • encompassing aspects like mortgage bonds,
  • lease agreements,
  • and instalment of sale agreements,
  • as well as the sale of businesses.

His multifaceted experience reflects a comprehensive understanding of diverse legal domains.

Areas of experties

  • Advice on Matrimonial Systems
  • Co-habitation agreements, domestic relations, same sex relationships
  • Divorce Law and Family Law
  • Parenting Plans, Custody (care and contact) of children
  • Parental Responsibilities and Rights
  • Parental Alienation
  • Matrimonial property law: Proprietary
  • Rule 43 Applications and Urgent
  • Monetary Relief Applications
  • Maintenance (Child and Spousal)
  • Domestic Abuse, Harassment, Interdicts
  • Parenting Plans, Custody (care and contact) of children
  • Domestic Abuse, Harassment, Interdicts
  • Parenting Plans, Custody (care and contact) of children
  • Maintenance (Child and Spousal)
  • Monetary Relief Applications
  • Matrimonial property law: Proprietary



Baccalaureus Procurationis (BProc) University of the Free State 1996

Attorney of the High Court

Admitted as an Attorney of the High Court 1999 South Africa Cape Law Society


Cape Law Society

Board Member 2022 | 2023

Family Mediator's Association of the Cape (FAMAC)

Membership Since 2022

South African Restructuring and Insolvency Practioners Association NPC (SARIPA)

Meet The Team

George de Beer leads a seasoned team with collective experience of over 50 years in family law. Their extensive expertise includes an indepth understanding of the complexities involved in navigating family legal matters. Committed to excellence, the team has a diverse skill set honed over decades, successfully guiding clients through divorce, child custody, spousal support, and other family-related issues. Founded on trust, professionalism, and insights into family dynamics, George and his team stand as pillars of expertise in family law, providing invaluable assistance to individuals and families seeking resolution and stability amid legal challenges.