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Our family law litigation departments offer comprehensive legal services

Family Law Department:

Our family law department handles various aspects of family law, providing advice and assistance in complex and sensitive disputes.

The services offered include:

Dispute Resolution: Helping clients prevent and resolve disputes through various methods such as mediation, negotiation, conciliation, arbitration, and conflict resolution.

Litigation: Representing clients in court when disputes cannot be resolved through alternative methods. This may include divorce proceedings, child custody matters, and other family law-related cases.

Commercial Litigation Department: Our commercial litigation department focuses on handling legal matters related to businesses and commercial disputes.

Services include:

Enforcement of Rights and Duties: Assisting clients in enforcing contractual rights and duties, which could involve breach of contract cases, business disputes, or other commercial issues.

Recovery and Compensation: Helping clients recover damages or seek compensation for business-related losses and disputes.

Legal Advice: Providing sound legal advice throughout the litigation process, including guidance on the best legal strategies and actions to take.

Areas of Expertise: Our team specializes in various areas, such as arbitration and mediation, property attachment and sales in execution, construction disputes, civil litigation, criminal matters (including bail applications), debt recovery, levy collections, liquidation, sequestration applications, maritime law, and rehabilitation applications.

Our firm’s family law litigation departments cater to a diverse clientele, both locally and internationally, providing legal assistance during pre-litigation and post-litigation phases.

Our department offers a comprehensive range of services to address the legal needs of individuals and businesses facing family law and commercial disputes. Our experienced legal team helps clients navigate the complexities of the legal system and ensures that their rights and interests are protected.

Areas of experties

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Our family law litigation department is one of our flagship divisions, with immeasurable experience when dealing with both family and matrimonial matters. However, our skills are not limited thereto. We are well equipped to act on behalf of our client and parties in the relevant proceedings in an amicable manner.