Delivering Excellence

We are premier Family Law Specialists in Cape Town and surrounds and provide comprehensive legal assistance for various familylaw related issues such as divorce, relocation, antenuptial contracts, maintenance and much more.

Delivering clear communication

We redefine legal support with a commitment to clear communication in the intricate landscape of family law. Our approach involves transparent counsel, open dialogue, and clear, concise communication, ensuring you navigate the complexities of the legal process with confidence and understanding.

Delivering solutions

Our focus is on swift resolutions, results-driven advocacy, and efficient outcomes, we navigate the legal landscape with precision, ensuring your family law matters are resolved promptly and with the utmost dedication to achieving success.

Championing Your Family's Legal Rights

As seasoned professionals in the field of family law, we pledge our steadfast support to help you achieve your familial goals. With a focus on excellence, our practice specialises in navigating the complexities of diverse matters, including but not limited to divorce, mediation, international divorce, care and contact, domestic violence and abuse, parenting, spousal and child maintenance, division of property, cohabitation, and separations.

Our team of family law practitioners is here to address your concerns with professionalism and expertise. We aim to provide accurate and contemporary legal counsel to assist you in navigating the complexities of family law. Our commitment extends beyond legal expertise—we understand the sensitive nature of family matters and are dedicated to offering reassurance and guidance throughout the process. Your trust in our proficiency is essential as we work together towards achieving the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

Our practice areas

Our family law litigation department is one of our flagship divisions, with immeasurable experience when dealing with both family and matrimonial matters. However, our skills are not limited thereto. We are well equipped to act on behalf of our client and parties in the relevant proceedings in an amicable manner.

Our core values & principals

Solution Driven

As family law attorneys, we excel with a solution-driven approach, tailoring strategic resolutions to each client's unique circumstances. Our focus extends beyond litigation, aiming to minimise emotional and financial burdens, guiding you toward a positive post-divorce future.


In the turbulent landscape of divorce and family law matters, our team brings a bold approach, recognising its profound personal implications. With professional acumen, we navigate complexities for a clear and resolute journey.


Integrity is at the core of our practice at BDP Attorneys. We believe in handling each divorce and family law matter with honesty and transparency, ensuring fair and just resolutions. Upholding these principles is essential in building trust and preserving the dignity of all parties involved.


With over 50 years of collective family law experience, our practice is a pinnacle of legal knowledge in navigating family law complexities. Reach out to us to deepen your understanding of crucial aspects like grounds for divorce, financial orders, and child maintenance, empowering you with the legal knowledge to navigate this landscape.

What our clients have to say

“George de Beer and his team exceeded our expectations. Despite facing intense pressure, their hard work and dedication were evident throughout our case. George's expert legal counsel and the team's ability to navigate complex matters ensured the best solutions for us. We are grateful for their professionalism and commitment."

Litigation Client

"We highly recommend George de Beer and his team for their exceptional family law expertise. Their hard work under pressure and expert legal counsel were instrumental in resolving our complex case. The team's dedication to providing the best solutions made a significant impact, and we are appreciative of their efforts."

Divorce Matter Client

"George de Beer and his team's dedication and expertise within family law matters were invaluable. George's expert legal counsel guided us through the process, and we are thankful for the positive outcome they achieved for us."

Family Law Client

News and publications

2 May

Your children are technically adults, but they’re still dependents. What now?

Ensuring maintenance for adult children during divorce can be legally complex but vital for custodial parents, typically mothers, facing the financial burden of supporting adult dependents.

2 May

Can Mediation Make Divorce Less Stressful? Exploring Collaborative Solutions

Mediation is an important aspect of divorce proceedings in South Africa and is increasingly being utilised as an alternative dispute resolution method.

30 April

The devastating results of late-life divorces

Late-life divorces, often referred to as “grey divorces,” can have profound and unexpected consequences on individuals and families. After decades of marriage, the decision to part ways in the later stages of life can bring about significant emotional, financial, and practical challenges.

30 April

When a divorce lawyer isn’t enough lawyer for your divorce

Navigating a divorce entangled with a family business is like embarking on a journey through uncharted waters. The emotional complexity and legal intricacies demand more than standard legal support—they require a trusted ally who understands the delicate balance of personal and professional interests.